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Once again I was blessed to observe the onset of Shabbat in an orderly manner, full of Scripture and praises! How much better than to quietly begin alone, in a house that doesn't recognise the signifigance. In the Lord's prayer, I have also been led to name my sin as I ask forgiveness, and to name those whom I am forgiving. Shabbat Shalom to all and Praise the Name of YHWH for giving us such a gift!
Terrie Carpenter

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I, too, an so thankful that Y'hshuwah gave us an example of prayer, then throughout his earthly ministry emphasized the importance of recongizing our own sin before the Father and also the fact that we must forgive those who have wronged or offended us.  Not always easy . . . Shabbat Shalom, heading to the Tabernacle  "click on Shabbatin'"

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